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Stylist & Colourist

Kat’s Bond journey? No-brainer. Our intimate salon vibe reeled her in - she's all about that unique twist. Among our creative crew, she's mastering the magic while empowering women through her innovative hairstyling.

Her game? Forging tight connections with clients. Imagine chill vibes and a sprinkle of feminine fab - that's her zone. She listens, understands their needs, and transforms it all into those lived-in blondes and carefree beachy looks. A true style sorceress!

Kat’s story? A wild ride from ski chalet hosting to HR. But her heart? Always set on hairdressing. She kicked it off as a child, with living room salon gigs alongside her dad - true passion ignited.

And guess what? She’s not just a hair whiz. Kat’s got killer nail art skills and a flair for cooking up feasts that leave her pals raving. Born in the North West, now tuned into London’s buzz for a solid decade, she’s crafting styles infused with the city's vibrant spirit.

Stylist & Colourist