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Stylist & Colourist

Ronie's journey at Bond? A delightful surprise. Our cozy salon atmosphere instantly won her over, and she's all about delivering a special touch. Among our team of innovators, she's the one who crafts enchanting hair transformations while boosting her clients' confidence.

Her forte? Building strong connections with every client. Picture a relaxed setting with a touch of elegance – that's her comfort zone. She's an attentive listener, keen on understanding each person's desires, and translating them into stunning blondes, seamless balayage, and those effortlessly chic curly styles. A true hair virtuoso!

Ronie's story? A winding path from school uncertainty to the world of hairdressing. She stumbled upon her true calling while working at Percy and Reed, a renowned high-end salon. Over the span of seven years, she's realized there's nothing else she'd rather be doing.

But there's more to Ronie than just hair magic. She's an avid lover of arts and crafts, finding solace in painting. Plus, she's the proud parent of four feline friends who keep her entertained at home.

Born in Poland but raised in London since the age of five, Ronie calls East London near Stratford her home. Her multicultural background infuses her work with a rich tapestry of influences, reflecting the diverse spirit of the city she's come to love.

Stylist & Colourist