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Founder, Stylist & Colourist

The founder of Bond, Ursula has over 20 years’ experience (and counting).

 While she’s passionate and skilled as a senior stylist, she’s also driven by a desire to connect with people—to bring out the best in her team, and the best in your hair.

 She’s worked for leading salons in London and Berlin, and been head colourist for film (without boasting).

 For Ursula, Bond recalls the tiny chemical bonds that make up every head of hair, but also reflects the philosophy of her life and career—one of connection and community.

 A master of colour and cutting, Ursula is known for her soft approach to hairstyling that leans away from rigid, blunt or geometric looks. She creates natural hair that’s easy to care for, while still being transformative.

 When she’s not in the salon, she’s on the decks—mixing tunes, and sharing her love for electronic and techno.

Founder, Stylist & Colourist