How to Make Dark Brown Hair Auburn?
April 24, 2024

How to Make Dark Brown Hair Auburn?

Embarking on a hair colour transformation can be an exciting journey, especially when transitioning from a classic dark brown to a vibrant auburn. This comprehensive guide will walk you through each step of the process, ensuring that you achieve that perfect shade of auburn hair while maintaining the health and integrity of your locks.

Differences Between Dark Brown and Auburn

Dark brown and auburn hair colours differ primarily in their undertones and the presence of red hues. Dark brown hair is characterised by its deep, rich, and cooler tones, lacking the red or ginger undertones typical of auburn hair. In contrast, auburn hair is a variety of red hair, most commonly described as reddish-brown, ranging from medium to dark shades. 

Auburn incorporates a blend of brown and deep red undertones, making it a warmer and more vibrant colour compared to the more neutral or cooler dark brown. While all auburn hair has red hues, not all red hair qualifies as auburn, as auburn specifically refers to red hair with brown undertones.

Prepping Your Hair for the Colour Transition

The Importance of Healthy Hair

Maintaining healthy hair is crucial when planning a colour transition. Healthy hair serves as an optimal starting point for colouring, ensuring the best possible results. It allows the hair to better absorb and retain colour, leading to a more vibrant, lasting outcome. Additionally, healthy hair is more resilient, reducing the risk of damage from the colouring process. 

Pre-Colouring Treatments and Care

  1. In-salon Chelating Hair Treatment: Olaplex’s Chelating Hair Treatment just launched in salons and is a solution to deep build-up. This professional treatment promotes vibrant colour and consistent lighting results. For more information contact us at Bond Shoreditch.
  2. Home Hair Treatment: Purify your hair with Teacup Anti-pollution Detox Rinse. This gentle conditioning rinse effectively eliminates harsh metals and pollutants, prevents colour fading, and moisturises dry strands. Your hair will feel smooth, sealed, and shielded.
  3. Avoid Washing Your Hair On The Same Day: It's recommended not to wash your hair on the same day you plan to colour it. This helps preserve natural oils that protect the scalp during the colouring process.
  4. Use A Clarifying Shampoo: Before colouring, use Olaplex’s No. 4C, this Clarifying Shampoo helps to remove build-up, impurities, and residues, ensuring the hair dye adheres evenly. For optimal results, follow up with Chelating Hair Treatment.
  5. Deep Conditioning: Deep conditioning with a nourishing and strengthening hair mask such as R+Co Blue De Luxe reparative conditioner or their amazing Sleep Masque Night Repair Serum, can help hydrate and strengthen your hair, preparing it for the stress of the colouring process. R+Co products are available to purchase on our online store or in our Salon. 
  6. Nourishing Products: Using products that protect and repair can nourish the hair, allowing the colour to adhere better and reduce fade. We recommend R+Co products, F-layer Deep Conditioning Serum and On a Cloud leave-on styling masque.
Jessica Chastain's Auburn Hair
Award-winning Jessica Chastain's beautiful auburn hair

Tips for Selecting the Perfect Auburn for Your Skin Tone

Your skin's undertone is crucial in determining which shade of auburn will look best on you. People with cool undertones tend to look great in auburn shades with more purple or burgundy influences, while those with warm undertones may find auburn hues with hints of copper or gold more flattering.

Your eye colour can also influence which shade of auburn will suit you best. Auburn hair can make blue eyes pop, enhance the green in hazel eyes, or complement the warmth in brown eyes.

Bond Salon Step-by-Step Process of Going from Dark Brown to Auburn Hair

To change dark brown hair to auburn, your hair will typically need to be lightened before applying the colour, especially if you're aiming for a vibrant or noticeable change. 

Here's our step-by-step salon process to achieve auburn hair:

  1. Consultation: The process starts with a consultation. Your stylist will assess your hair's current condition, discuss the desired shade of auburn, and explain the possible outcomes based on your hair's existing colour and health.
  2. Hair Assessment: The stylist will examine your hair to determine its health, texture, and current level of colour. This assessment helps in choosing the right type and volume of lightener and dye.
  3. Lightening the Hair (If Required): If your dark brown hair needs to be lightened to achieve the desired auburn shade, the stylist will apply a lightening agent. The choice of lightener and the time it's left on your hair depends on how much lift is needed. Bond uses professional-grade products that are less damaging and more effective than at-home kits.
  4. Colour Application: After lightening, your hair will be rinsed, and a toner might be applied to achieve the correct base for the auburn dye. Then, the auburn colour is applied. Salon professionals can mix different shades to create a custom auburn that complements your skin tone and meets your preference.
  5. Processing Time: Your hair will be monitored during the processing time to ensure the colour develops correctly. This may vary depending on the type of colour used and the desired outcome.
  6. Rinsing and Conditioning: Once the colour has developed, your hair will be rinsed thoroughly. A professional salon will likely use a colour-protecting conditioner or a treatment to seal in the colour and ensure your hair remains healthy and shiny.
  7. Styling: After the colour application, your hair will be blow-dried and styled. This is a great opportunity to see the immediate results of the colouring process and to get styling tips for your new auburn hair.
  8. Maintenance Advice: Your stylist will provide you with advice on how to maintain your new auburn colour, recommending professional products and suggesting a timeline for when you should return for touch-ups or further treatments.

Choosing a salon means you're opting for a professional's expertise, which can be particularly beneficial for significant colour changes, like going from dark brown to auburn. The stylist's knowledge and experience can ensure that the colour transition is as smooth and healthy for your hair as possible.

Aftercare: Maintaining Your Auburn Locks

Colour-treated hair requires gentle care with sulfate-free shampoos, regular conditioning, and UV protection to maintain its vibrancy.

Products to Maintain the Vibrancy of Auburn Hair

Specific colour-safe products can help extend the life of your auburn shade and keep it looking fresh. At Bond Salon we recommend R+Co Blue Primary Color Shampoo and Conditioner. For extra colour longevity, nourishment and shine, we recommend using R+Co Primary Colour Masque once a week.

Transitioning Back to Dark Brown (If You Change Your Mind)

Transitioning back to dark brown requires a strategic approach to avoid damaging your hair and to ensure the colour is even and natural-looking.

Special colour removers, gentle dyes, and professional consultations can facilitate a successful return to dark brown. 

FAQs About Hair Auburn

Is auburn hair red or brown?

Auburn hair is often described as a beautiful blend of red and brown. It's not purely red nor purely brown but rather possesses qualities of both, offering a rich, warm hue that can vary in intensity from medium to dark shades.

Is ginger and auburn the same?

No, ginger and auburn are not the same. Ginger hair is typically a lighter, more vibrant shade of red, often associated with a fiery hue, while auburn hair is a deeper, richer blend of red and brown tones.

Why is auburn hair rare?

Auburn hair is rare because it's a less common genetic trait. The genes responsible for red hair are recessive, meaning both parents must carry the gene to potentially pass it on to their offspring. Auburn, being a variation of red hair, shares this genetic rarity.

What skin tone does auburn hair suit?

Auburn hair can suit a variety of skin tones, but it's particularly flattering on those with warm or neutral skin undertones. The rich, warm hues of auburn can complement the warmth in these skin tones, though the specific shade of auburn can be tailored to suit cool undertones as well.


Transforming your hair from dark brown to auburn is an adventure that can refresh your look and boost your confidence. With the right preparation, care, and understanding of the process, you can achieve a stunning auburn shade that enhances your natural beauty. Embrace the change and enjoy the vibrant, warm hues of your new auburn hair! Ready to embark on this exciting journey? Visit Bond Salon, where our team of experts is committed to bringing your vision to life. Book your appointment today and step into a world of colour and style at Bond Salon – where your hair transformation awaits!

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